Winter in Boston


Okay, we are very bad bloggers. We’ve had this site for months now and haven’t posted a thing. We blame school, of course. It keeps us both pretty busy. But hopefully once we break the ice with a first post maybe we’ll be able to keep it up a little better.

We arrived back in Boston in January late at night to snow on the ground. The next morning, the sidewalks were so iced over that it took me twice as long to get to the T as usual, inching along and trying not to slip. Tommy left the apartment and promptly wiped out on the ice. It was perhaps an appropriate beginning to our first Boston winter.

Luckily, despite what we thought that first day, the conditions are usually much less treacherous, and we came to really enjoy the snow. Everything was just constantly covered in this lovely white blanket. Sure, around the sides of the road and in parking lots and such, the dirty ice began to pile up. And waterproof shoes are a must for the snow, slush, and puddles. But we didn’t find the winter nearly as treacherous and depressing as we felt some people made it out to be. The next big snow, we made a snowman across from our apartment. We could see him through our window until he melted a few weeks later.


Our snowman in front of our apartment (were on the second floor, on the left)

Our snowman in front of our apartment (we're on the second floor, on the left)

Tommy moved into the apartment and we made it our own. It’s a perfect comfy home now, and we look forward to returning to it each day. We’re so happy here we’ve decided to certainly stay another year before we look for anywhere else to live.

We’re both usually quite busy, especially during the week, but we have had a lot of fun as well. We posted pictures from two of our weekend outings, one to go duck watching with some of my department from BU, and another snowshoeing in New Hampshire. We also spent a few days in Washington, DC—Tommy went to the American Medical Association’s National Advocacy Conference, and I tagged along since it was my spring break. As soon as we returned to town, my whole family came for a visit. It was a lot of fun!

This is far too short a summary to do justice to the last four months, but it will have to do for now. We plan to post more frequent updates from now on!

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